(Registered Charity No. 1090578)

TheWivenhoe Housing Trustwas established at the beginning of 2002 as a result of the merger of the two former almshouse charities, Jonathan Feedham Charity that managed the 7 almshouses in Vanessa Drive known as Jonathan Feedham Court, and Mary Ann Sanford Almshouse Charity, which managed the six almshouses in Rebow Road. 

The objectives of the Trustees of thishousingcharity are:

–  to manage the existing properties along the same lines as previously (see more below)

–  and to expand the charity in order to offer homes for moreWivenhoepeople to rent, and especially the young or those with families.

The Trust also maintains a small fund, known as the Jonathan Feedham Charity Fund, from which the Trustees are able to make disbursements to Wivenhoe people in financial distress. Such grants are generally for amounts up to several hundred pounds. Click here for more information.

Jonathan Feedham Court , Vanessa Drive

–  Seven bungalows  intended for Wivenhoe people in their later years, and ideally having a connection with the sea.

Mary Ann Sanford Almshouses in Rebow Road 

–  Six bungalows intended for single, Wivenhoe ladies over 60 years.


For more information, contact:

Chairman of the Trustees:       Peter Hill

                                          Toad Hall

                                          16 Colchester Road


                                          Essex CO7 9EU    

or Clerk to the Charity:       Mr Michael Siggs MA FRICS

                                          PO Box 993


                                          Essex CO3 3TQ 

Trustees: Peter Hill (Chairman), Charles Scofield (Deputy Chairman), Janet Turner, Tony Forsgate, Bob Needham, Mrs Anne Horner, Jan Richardson, Karl Douzier and Clive Jennings

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