Wivenhoe, a town of England with a lot of history

When we refer to ancient cities, usually leading foundations and settlements relevant to the history of humanity, including sites such as Athens or Rome. However, we often forget that England has towns that were recorded in books almost at the same time as “popular” cities, as well as Wivenhoe, located in Essex, which town in a text by Roman author Pliny.

Today, Wivenhoe is characterized by a large number of historical-cultural buildings, as well as Norman castle (identical to the Tower of London). Let’s see a little more about the Old Town of Wivenhoe in Essex.

Between castles and Islands

For those who want to visit the region, we recommend starting with Castle Park, a vast park very close to Colchester Castle, where many important events take place annually, including cricket matches, music festivals, or even the launch of fireworks around November.

Walking through the area, we will find many of the city’s historical treasures, including the Roman walls, the ruins of the Priory of San Botolfo and the Abbey of San Juan. It is currently planned to renovate the Roman Circus, a vast floats racetrack, and make it an ideal archaeological site to visit

Of course, we cannot visit Colchester without going to Mersea Island, a small island located on the estuary of the Blackwater River and which, although tiny, houses three settlements. They are Barrow Hill, mainly houses and a Road; East Mersea, which has several farms, theme parks, and pubs; and West Mersea, a fishing village where you will find many stores of supplies and, hopefully, several pubs. All these villages have beautiful beaches to go, as well as the road that links the island to the mainland.

Tourist activities

If you are fanatics of fishing villages, you may enjoy Wivenhoe, south of Colchester, which is considered a suburb as it is separated from the rest of the village by the University of Essex. This is one of the fastest growing sites in the region due to the traffic it has from the inhabitants (or those tourists who come from) of the city of London. If you are there, we recommend walking along the High Street, with fascinating shops and buildings to visit.

To be a town also known for being where the members of Britpop Blur’s band grew up and met, Colchester is a very artistic region and, therefore, we can participate in several special events that take place in the auditorium. If you are a fan of cinema and theatre, we recommend Odeon Cinema and Mercury Theatre, open all year round to give you the best of the best of entertainment in a town that never rests.