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        Wivenhoe Town Council   –  Town Mayors from 1974
Year: Person: Photo   Year: Person: Photo
1974-1975 Mrs. Val Last   photo 1991-1992 Maurice Britton  
1975-1976 Derek Wilkinson   1992-1993 Mrs. Ann L. Quarrie photo
1976-1977 W. (Bill) Sparrow   1993-1994 Austin J. Baines photo
1977-1978 Miss B.(Betsy) A. Grasby   1994-1995 Mrs. Gill Newman  
1978-1979 Stan G. Croucher   1995-1996 Peter Hill  
1979-1980 Austin J. Baines photo 1996-1997 Geoff Langsdon  
1980-1981 Glyn D.G. Davies   1997-1998 Mrs. Jan H. Richardson photo
1981-1982 Mike D.C. Roots    1998-1999 Cyril Liddy  
1982-1983 Mrs. Val Last photo 1999-2000 Mrs. Mary Hignell photo
1983-1984 Mrs. Margaret M. Dunne   2000-2001 Richard Davies – Click here for photo and tribute  
1984-1985 Austin J. Baines photo 2001-2002 Stephen Ford photo
1985-1986 Maurice Britton   2002-2003 David Craze (Click here for biog)  photo
1986-1987 Mrs. Val Last photo 2003-2004 Gillian K. Primrose (Click here for biog) photo
1987-1988 Peter Hill   2004-2005 Peter Hill photo
1988-1989 David Thatcher   2005-2006 Tom Roberts (Click here for photo and biog)  
1989-1990 Bob Richardson – Click here for photo and tribute   2006-2007 Mrs Penny Kraft (Click here for photo and biog)  
1990-1991 Christopher L.F. Thompson   2007-2008 David Purdey (click here for photo and biog) photo