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The WEA has been going for many years and in Wivenhoe too, running courses each Spring and Autumn.

These are always very interesting and, in consequence, are well attended. As much as anything, everybody are very friendly. People soon get to know each other. 

The course usually comprises a series of meetings over about 10 weeks and often includes a field trip.

For more information, call Austin Baines tel: 01206 823523 or e-mail: 


The Wivenhoe branch of the Workers’ Education Association is still alive and running courses for the year 2010-2011. We had a well-attended day school in June entitle Music and art, led by Chris Green and there will be a 10-week course in the autumn, a 10-week course in the spring and a day school in the early summer. 

Why put salt in your dishwasher? 

Why indeed! In this household the dishwasher has two arms and two legs, it’s automotive (but not automatic), and salt, well sodium chloride, is nowadays regarded as a bad thing.  However, what is good for the mechanical sort may be quite different. So why not find out more about this, and many other things too. The autumn course for Wivenhoe WEA will be a survey of how chemistry affects our everyday lives, whether it’s water, detergents, foods, fertilizers, pesticides and many aspects of health. The tutor will be Roger Bawden, who used to live in Wivenhoe. 

The course will run for 10 weeks, beginning on 20 September, from 7.30pm-9.00pm at Wivenhoe Methodist Church. There will be a half-term break. The course fee will be £44 (but free for people with most income-based benefits or Jobseeker’s Allowance).  For further information contact Janice Allen at 1, Valfreda Way or telephone 01206 824470 

And for the future … 

The spring course will take us out of the house and over to Russia for ten weeks, when Wivenhoe resident Diana Naylor will be leading a class on the Great Tsars.  In June we shall be taken to the Western Front when Graham Slimming and Colin Padgett will jointly take a day school on Art and poetry in the trenches.  The poetry is widely known but the art less so, and this course promises to be very informative. 

A plea for help. 

The branch has a lively committee with a keen secretary and an efficient treasurer – but it lacks a chairman, and the constitution requires one; so too, does the county hierarchy, who are anxious that we find someone to fill the role.  So please consider coming to our aid. 

Austin Baines