The Motor Minesweeper No. 237 – H.N1.M.S. ‘Beveland’

Built at Wivenhoe Shipyard, Essex and commissioned 12th April, 1943. Served with 139th (Dutch) Minesweeper Flotilla at Harwich 1943/45.

The Beveland was built of timber with an ‘LL’ magnetic mine sweep, an ‘SA’ acoustic mine sweep, twin mounted 20mm Oerlikon Cannon and 2 x 0.303 machine guns. She was capable of a speed of 10 knots and had a crew of 20 men.   

The ‘Beveland’     

Click on the picture to enlarge the photo of this replica model made by Bill Ellis.

The picture below shows the Crew on the deck of the Beveland standing behind the ‘LL’ Magnetic Mine Sweep Roller situated on the aft deck. In the background is the gantry of the Wivenhoe Shipyard, situated next to the dry dock.  

The Beveland was commanded by Lt. 2k. Jan Moot. Click on the picture to enlarge and see the names of all the men in the photograph. 

Research by Bill Ellis