About the Jonathan Feedham Charity

Each year the Wivenhoe Housing Trust puts money into a fund to help Wivenhoe people in financial distress. The Trustees call this fund the Jonathan Feedham Charity. This practice goes back to the days before the merger of the two almshouse charities, the  Jonathan Feedham Charity and the Mary Ann Sanford Almshouse Charity, to form the the Wivenhoe Housing Trust.

Over the years this fund has been used to help many local people with things like the cost of a funeral of a partner, house repairs and replacement of essential household items. Where there is genuine financial hardship, then we can help.

The Trustees are also now able to help Wivenhoe organisations with a project, or a purchase of an item, where people will clearly get a direct benefit.   

Grants can be for amounts up to several hundred pounds, and more under exceptional circumstances.

If you know of a deserving cause, please get in contact with any of the trustees: Peter Hill (Chairman) Charles Scofield (Deputy Chairman), Tony Forsgate, Jeff Whaley, Anne Horner, Karl Douzier, Janet Turner, Jan Richardson and Clive Jennings.  All enquiries will be dealt with discreetly.   

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