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  • Action to take if your number plates are stolen. In Wivenhoe vehicle number plates have sometimes been stolen. The reason for such thefts vary. It could be to use the plates on a similar vehicle that has been stolen. This can create considerable problems to the registered owner of the vehicle registration number. Speeding fines. Failing to pay at a petrol station etc.

    It is important therefore that such thefts be reported immediately to the police. 

    As a preventative measure ‘secure number plates’ can be purchased that conform to DVLA regulations, these number plates are difficult to remove – if successful as they are removed the plate falls into pieces. The plates have been approved by ‘Secured by design’ and ‘ACPRO Crime Preventative Initiative.’- not for profit company.

  • Car Crime – Half of car crime takes place outside houses of the owners. Many expensive cars are left on driveways – to assist the criminal keys are left in the ignition or are easily available in the home. 

    Car crime is an increasing global problem – if going on holiday without the car, leave the keys in a secure place, out of view. Many expensive cars are stolen to order and shipped abroad. Satellite systems are available that can track your vehicle often assisting in recovery of stolen vehicles.

    Not only keep an eye on your neighbour’s house, but also their car.

  • Car Hi-jackings:  When entering your vehicle – you are about to drive off when you look into your rear view mirror and see a piece of paper on your rear windscreen – what do you do? Get out of the vehicle to remove this paper? NO! Drive away from this location as this could be an attempted hi-jack of your vehicle and belongings. It is possible as you leave the car to remove the paper hi-jackers enter the car and drive away with the vehicle and all its contents – including the handbag with your housekeys and identity papers. For full article – click here

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  • If you suspect your child of taking drugs, what can you do? click here 

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  • Can’t find what you are looking for here, then try Colchester’s Community Safety web site which also has lots of useful information – click here
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