Sunday School

The Sunday School that operates at the Methodist Church in The Avenue consists of a combined St. Mary’s and Methodist Sunday School, working together under one roof and pooling resources. 

It welcomes Wivenhoe children between the ages of 4/5 and 14, whether they have a church connection or not. There are three age-groups: one for 4/5-7, one for 7-11 and one for 11-14, each with its own leader: Jenny Pilgrim and Janice Alston for the youngest and the eldest, Marika Footring for the middle age-group.

The way this Sunday School is organised is a reflection of the way the churches in Wivenhoe try to work together. Children from both the Methodist and Anglican church family attend while being encouraged to maintain active links with their own church. Occasional ‘exchange visits’ have taken place and it is hoped to have more of these in the future, fostering understanding of and respect for other religious views and practices.

Meetings are held at 10.30 every Sunday morning.

Further details can be obtained from Jenny Pilgrim   tel: 01206 822687 or from Marika Footring  tel: 01206 825310, or e-mail

Easter 2006 – Collage made by the children of the Sunday School from cut-out paper shapes and assembled into this circular display.

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image These paintings were all made by the children when the Sunday School performed a sketch that had an ‘art auction’ as its subject. 

We needed paintings to auction off, so they spent weeks copying old masters…to great effect!

Summer 2005

Easter Collage 2004