Advice from the Wivenhoe Community Safety NW Group


Allotment security is a problem in many areas of the U.K. In Wivenhoe the problems are spasmodic involving offences of vandalism and theft. This has considerable impact on the victims due to their justified pride in their hard work on the allotments. The instigators are often children aged 12 years to 16 years who are bored. 

Preventative measures:

Post Code the tools. You may have done this previously but there maybe tools now not security coded? You can contact the Wivenhoe Community Safety NW Group who can help with this.

Display waterproof signs that property is marked and traceable. Consider a lockable chain through handles of tools. Conceal valuable tools under floor boards or take them home. Make a note of any serial numbers on the tools to assist recovery if stolen.  

Sheds: Make door frames and walls sound. Door hinges – secure with threaded bolts with back plates or large washers, provide quality locks – close shackle padlocks. Consider a battery operated shed alarm.

Note1: Our Police Community Support Officer, PCSO Louise Neville makes occasional visits to the allotments. Please make her welcome if you see her. A member of the Wivenhoe Community Safety NW group will continue to make occasional visits too.  

Note2: This advice applies to garden sheds at home too.

Cllr Ken Rogers 

Wivenhoe Community Safety Coordinator

Tel: (01206) 824813

(May 2007)


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