Roseanne Barr


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Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr was born near Sligo in Ireland in 1955.  She moved to England to become a nurse in 1974 but, having spent more than a decade working in London and Liverpool, she returned to Ireland to undergo treatment for manic depressive psychosis.  

In 1988, Rose Anne returned to England to undertake a degree in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Essex and, since 1995, she has devoted herself to becoming a full-time artist.

She acquires most of her ‘canvases’ from the River Colne in the form of driftwood and, as such, many of the images in her paintings stem from the natural marks and stains left in the wood by the river.  

She describes her work as surrealist in style and prefers to think of her paintings as ‘icons of everydayness’ because her work tends to depict the stuff of dreams, memory, myth, childhood fantasy, desire and manic vision.



1987-88– Various paintings exhibited in the Wivenhoe Artists Group Show

– Various paintings exhibited at the Diorama Centre for Art, Therapy and Technology

– One painting exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall, London for the South Bank Show

1997-8 – Various paintings exhibited in the Wivenhoe Artists Group Show

– Various paintings exhibited in Wivenhoe Parish Church’s ‘Art on the Railings’

2001  – "Icons of Everydayness" exhibition of more than 40 paintings at ‘The Boat Shed’ in Wivenhoe