The Queen’s Jubilee Youth Trust for Wivenhoe

Supporting Young People in Wivenhoe

 The Queen’s Jubilee Youth Trust for Wivenhoe was established in 2001 with the aim of raising money to fund, promote and sponsor activities for young people in Wivenhoe.  Simple, written applications requesting grants should be addressed to Dilly Meyer (details below).   

Application may be made by the intended beneficiaries or by individuals connected with the beneficiaries.  Beneficiaries must be residents of Wivenhoe:Up to the age of 18 for personal development or up to the age of 26 where the young person/s is/are acting for the benefit of others. 

Groups and Youth Organizations are also welcome to apply. 

Initial applications should be as simple as possible and include:

a) the applicant’s name, address and contact details;

b) a description of the project or item for which the funds are requested;

c) a brief account of why the need has arisen or what would be achieved;

d) the sum applied for;

e) details of any other funding acquired or raised and

f) the parent or guardian, or a person in a position of responsibility within the organization should sign or countersign the application to show agreement that any money granted should be made available for the stated purpose. 

The Trustees will look more favourably on an application where any applicant has shown ability and effort in raising funds on their own. 

The Trustees will consider grants up to a maximum of £500 

For more information contact:  Dilly Meyer, 76 High Street, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB