5th October, 2006 – Wivenhoe Oral History Group Book Launch

On Thursday 5th October about 100 people went to the Sailing Club for the launch of the book published by the Wivenhoe Oral History Group and also to see a preview of the DVD that has been made also under this fantastic project.

Rev David Thomas, Chairman of the Project, introduced Paul Thompson as the person who has made it all possible. With  a Committee and a team of volunteers, 190 people have been interviewed. The tapes have been transcribed and parts of that material has been used to produce the book.  Some of the people who have been interviewed were used with old photographs, and recent footage to make a DVD focusing on mainly on the ship-building and fishing aspects of Wivenhoe.

Sea-change – Wivenhoe Remembered is the story of Wivenhoe from early in the 20th century up to the 1990s. The book is presently available from Wivenhoe Bookshop at a special price of £6 (Rises to £12 after 31st December). The Project team expect the DVD to be available in November.

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Above: Rev David Thomas introducing the evening with Paul Thompson standing behind. The book: Sea-Change; Wivenhoe Remembered
Above: John Wolton who played the piano for the soundtrack on the DVD Steve  Humphries, Andy Attenburrow (above left) and Mike Pharey of Testimony Films have been working on the DVD. Marcel Glover (standing right in the photo above) has been the member on the Project team providing technical assistance.
The crowd upstairs in the Sailing Club waiting to see the DVD. Paul Thompson