Katy Osborne18th June 2004 – Katy Osborne secures prominent role in the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’

One of Wivenhoe’s talented youngsters, Katy Osborne, has a won a 12 month contract to perform in the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ written by Ben Elton which opens in Germany (Cologne) in October. 

She’s ‘Swing’ which basically means she’s got to learn all ensemble parts ready to step in for whoever has a day off!! 

Thankfully all the lead parts are played by Germans, so she hasn’t got to learn German dialogue, and, of course, Queen songs are sung in English anyway. Her flat-mate from last year has also got a part, so she’ll have someone she knows to be with. image

Auditions were in front of Brian May for whom she had to sing one of his songs.

Katy Osborne in costume

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Left: Katy Osborne in one of the costumes she wears in We Will Rock You


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