Elly C. StuartStoryteller 

Elly C. Stuart is a professional storyteller who believes passionately in the transforming power of storytelling.  She works with adults, young people, families and children in community centres, schools, museums, galleries and at special events. She also provides training for adults.  Elly is regularly employed by The British Council to tell stories in different parts of the world. In 2005 she worked with children in Venezuela and Taiwan and with 16 � 18 year olds in Macedonia and in 2004 she ran workshops in India for 10 � 12 year olds with their teachers and families. 


PERSONAL STATEMENT:        �I believe that everyone has a story to tell. My workshops aim to give people the chance to find their own voice. Giving children, young people and adults the opportunity to listen to stories and to tell their own is essential to their sense of well-being. Storytelling has the power to entertain, educate and transform.  I work with storytelling as a tool for change, helping people tap into the wellspring of creativity that we all possess.�

TRAINING:       Elly offers training for adults.  She provides INSET Training for teachers and communication workshops for companies. In 2006 she was employed as a consultant by Historic Royal Palaces in London. She also ran a Yoga and Storytelling Summer School in Scotland which will be repeated in 2007. 

STORYTELLING RESIDENCIES INCLUDE:     Clacton Children�s Centre as part of the Mercury Theatre Artsstart 2007,   Coppins Green Primary School in Clacton, Frobisher Primary School in Jaywick, The Blue Sky Summer School for 16 � 18 year olds, Krushevo, Macedonia,  St. Christopher�s School, Letchworth, Harwich Community School, Parson�s Heath Primary School, Elmstead Primary School, and Willow Brook Primary School, Colchester.  

AWARDS:        2007 – Elly is co-director of The Fabulists, an International group of storytellers who have been awarded funding by The Children�s Fund to take The Outsider Storytelling Project into schools over a two year period. The project raises awareness of the plight of asylum seekers and refugees through storytelling and workshops. In 2005 The Fabulists worked with over 750 children in Harwich thanks to The Local Network Fund for Children and Young People and in 2006 with over 800 children around Clacton thanks to The Children�s Fund.

TRAINING + HISTORY:       Elly trained as a performer at Arts Educational Drama school in London and as a storyteller at The School of Storytelling, Emerson College. She has an M.A. in Art History from Essex University where she studied �The Tale� with Marina Warner in 2006. Elly is one of the 10 artists on Eastfeast, a professional development programme for artists and teachers in East Anglia.  She has worked as an actor, writer and teacher and was inspired to become a storyteller following over five years at The Unicorn Theatre for Children. 

STORIES:        Elly�s multi-cultural repertoire of stories include her own family story The Foxes of Gormanston (Irish),Monkey and Papa God (Caribbean), The blindman and the hunter (West African), Tom Tit Tot (English), Cucarachita (Mexican), I love you more than salt (Scottish), The Queen Bee (German), The Boy who lived with the bears (Iroquois), The Pedlar of Swaffham, The Green Children (East Anglian) and many more.

REVIEW:          Storytelling? Of course there is a long and honourable tradition stretching back to the ancient sagas but in our noisy visual culture we have almost lost the habit of listening. It is not the passive activity it may seem. Stories open doors into imaginary worlds, gripping us, involving us, inviting us to reflect on our own experiences in life, sometimes even changing us. Powerful stuff! All the Stories were told with a passion and conviction that was utterly engaging. 

Wivenhoe News on Winter Tales      


I did not know what to expect and found this the most surprising and life affirming experience."   Adult attending British Council Workshop Venezuela. Dec 2005

"Children with low self-esteem have joined in the group tasks and have become increasingly involved during the weeks. Some of them are children who wouldn�t normally speak. All the children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.�         Kate Magill, KS2 Teacher, Spring Meadow, Harwich. Feb 2005

�I think this project has been useful as a way of allowing children to express their feelings, thoughts and being able to experience what it could be like to be in someone else�s shoes�    Parent following a sharing of the project at Harwich Community School


�The workshop was helpful because it made us get interested in writing. Most of us read but this workshop has taught us to write. Please conduct more workshops like this�.   Sasha age 12, British Council Workshop, Mumbai, India, Nov. 2004

�Super � the children were mesmerised. They loved the voices, expressions and movements. I was very impressed with the small details that the children had remembered. They seemed to enjoy asking each other questions to do with the story. I am looking forward to next week as are the children�.  Sonia � Teacher Y5, Harwich Community, Feb. 2005

"The workshops were good for their listening skills and had a positive effect on their writing. You made them think carefully about how people can be different but feel the same!" Mrs Metcalf � Teacher Y 3 / 4  Spring Meadow, March 2005

During the last 4 weeks working on the Green Children I think my children have learned the power of a story, listening skills and also tolerance and understanding of people who are different� Parent following a sharing at St. Joseph�s Primary School, Mar. 2005

�Not boring you wanted to listen to the end��Fun � it made me imagine�  Children from Year 5, Parson�s Heath, April 2004


�I have learnt a lot to believe in a positive �I can do� me�not to be afraid of taking risks and trying something that may be a little quirky or different. I have learnt that storytelling is an important tool to the imagination and for capturing an audience�.Historic Royal Palaces member of staff, Summer 2006

�Yoga and storytelling go together like strawberries and cream��. I learnt lots, grew in confidence, had fun, and listened with interest and delight�.       June Baird, Primary School Teacher from Falkirk on Yoga & Storytelling Summer School 2006.

Totally captivating. I realized the importance of storytelling for the first time.  I will definitely make the effort from now on�      Teacher at Workshop for teachers in Mumbai, India, Nov. 2004          


24th February 2007   Southam, Warwickshire – WEIRD, WISE & WITTY TALES – An evening of stories for adults.

28th August 2006    THE STING IN THE TALE FESTIVAL  –  Elly told stories from Brazil at this popular storytelling festival for families which takes place at Walford Mill Arts Centre, Wimborne, in Dorset.

29th April 2006   The Fabulists present Myths and Legends: Storytelling for Adults at the Nottage Maritime Institute, Wivenhoe Quay, Wivenhoe, Colchester.  

June 2nd 2005    Braintree Town Hall. Stories of Bees and Butterflies

June 1st 2005     Gainsborough�s House Museum, Sudbury.

May 28th 2005    The Way of Stories and Stones: Burgh Apton Sculpture Trail, Norfolk.

22nd October 2004    The Fabulists present THE WAY OF THE WORLD (for adults) Steiner Theatre, Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1

21st August 2004   Adventure in the Maspie Den, Falkland, Fife, Scotland, with Mio from Japan, Claire from Ireland and Elly from Scotland. for 7 � 77 year olds. 

8th May 2004    Storytelling for families, Firstsite, The Minories, Colchester.  

To book Elly, or for further information, e-mail: or telephone:  01206 820274 or mobile: 07706 506435