June 2007 –Bike Trail Pleafrom the University

Cyclists using the University of Essex are to be asked to sign a petition calling for a safe cycle route from upper Wivenhoe to the University. 

As part of National Bike Week, June 16-24, the University is organising events on Tuesday, June 19, Bike2Work Day, and will be asking all cyclists to support the creation of the upper Wivenhoe cycle route from Broomgrove Primary School to the University, linking to the road at Wivenhoe Fire Station.

Everyone who arrives at the University by bike on the day will be offered a free light breakfast and a voucher for a bargain full breakfast on campus. 

‘We are hoping at least 400 people will take part in Bike2Work day at the Colchester campus,’ said Jo Leyland, the university’s Transport Policy Co-ordinator. ‘We are also organising an inter-departmental competition. Whichever department has the highest proportion of cyclists on the day will win a fold-up pool bike as a prize.’ 

Bike Week is the UK’s annual celebration of cycling, including the Bike2Work Promotion, that invites car uses to try commuting by bike, particularly for journeys of under five miles, when cycling can be quicker than any other means of transport. 

The University of Essex is committed to promoting all forms of sustainable transport, including car-sharing, walking and improved public transport. 

For further information please contact:

The University of Essex Communications Office – 01206 873529

Note: Stands will be set up at all the entrances to the University on Tuesday, June 19 between 8am to 10am for people to sign the petition and receive their vouchers.

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