Barry Woodcock  –  Artist Printmaker

Member of the Society of Wood Engravers

Barry studied fine art at Ipswich School of Art from 1960-63 and followed a career in graphic design whilst practising his fine art interests in his personal time. He has been a full time artist printmaker since 1998 and works from his home studio in Brightlingsea, Essex. 

He began wood engraving in 1985, and is self-taught. His paintings and engravings have been seen in many gallery venues and exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition.

He is a member and exhibits regularly with the Society of Wood Engravers Annual Exhibition which opened at the Bankside Gallery, London and will tour four further venues: 

– Victoria Gallery, Bath   12 September • 23 September 2007

– Martins Gallery, Cheltenham   24 November • 13th January 2008

– Yarrow Gallery, Oundle School, Oundle   23 February • 15 March 2008 

– Burton Gallery, Bideford   30 March • 27 April 2008 

Wood engraving quickly became his speciality. Subject matter wise, he worships in a very broad church, and will pursue anything that catches his eye. In a nutshell – life, sometimes observed and executed with an element of wry humour, which the medium of wood engraving can so subtly convey. Nothing is safe from his constantly searching brain.

It could be landscape, architecture, the natural world, the human figure including caricature, or still life.

"The world is a better place thanks to artists like Barry Woodcock. His closely observed and exquisitely executed wood engravings assist in our appreciation of the wonders of the natural world (.in the tradition of Thomas Bewick) as well as the marvellous works of man in the form of architecture.”

                    Elly Robinson

  To contact Barry Woodcock: 

  19 Bayard Avenue, Brightlingsea, Essex CO7 ONH

  Tel: 01206 304756

  or e-mail:


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