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Wivenhoe has long had a reputation for being home to talented artists. Some are creative purely for their own pleasure. Others do it for a living. And if we consider Art in its wider sense, then Wivenhoe really is blessed with a lot of talent. This page therefore highlights not just the artists we think of in the traditional sense but in the wider sense to include people who sing and play musical instruments.

This Section is for anybody living in Wivenhoe to share or promote their ‘arts’ talent. Click on the hot-links below to go to their page in the Wivenhoe Encyclopedia.

If you haven’t got an entry and would like one, or want details of an exhibition you are displaying at shown on the Wivenhoe web site, please contact     Also see poster – click here

Click below to see the latest exhibition at:
The Over the Sofa Galley
The Wivenhoe Gallery

Wivenhoe now has a Wivenhoe Art Group which meets fortnightly at the William Loveless Hall under the auspices of the U3A.  It is not a "taught" course but designed for amateur artists interested in painting and drawing together and sharing ideas and information.  It provides support and a social group for people with a common interests.  For further details of dates and times of meetings contact Daisy Giddings on 01206 824087.


For details of previous exhibitions – click here

The ARTS in Wivenhoe:

Professional Artists

Increasingly, since the 1960s, many people have settled in Wivenhoe who earn their living from painting, photography, graphic design, sculpting in wood and stone. These are some of those people.
Ted Atkinson

Frank Baker

Gillian Baker

Roseanne Barr

Frances Belsham


Annie Bielecka

Emma Cameron

Pam Dan                    

Caroline Moiret –glass artist

Edward Pile

Jovan Djordjevic

[artist and professional illustrator]

the late Deryck Healey

James Dodds

Janet Driver

Pru Green[Potter]

Janie Grote

Stephanie Harland[graphic artist]

Julie Howe


Sophie Ives

Alex Tzirinis

Eliza Kentridge

Everard Longland

Adrian Multon


John Nash

Paul Rumsey

Jonathan Scott


Tessa Spencer Pryse

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

Andrea Vaughan

Cath Wright

Local artists

There are many local artists in Wivenhoe. Many have been taught by people like Pam Dan or Bill Heslop. 

Here are a few examples of their work which you will often find for sale at local exhibitions. 

Tina Barkham

Jo Barnard

Maggie Bernstein

Richard Cherry


Meriel Ensom

Julie Howe

Edward Lyon

Julie Mayhew

(3D decoupage)

Sue Murray(photographer)

Debbie Taylor

Anthony Wells


Colne Bank School of Dancing

Kirsty’s School of Dance at Broomgrove School


St Mary’s Singers

Voices in Harmony

Wivenhoe Folk Club

Wivenhoe Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Wivenhoe Youth Theatre

Storytelling – Elly C.Stuart

Some local bands, musicians and singers:

Angie Diggens

Shane Diggens

Amanda McStay

Carbon 13

Katy Osborne

Tim Whitnell

Martin Newall


Mike Trim /Fingersmiths

Coulter’s Candy


Julie-Ann and Nick White (various musical instruments)

Angie Diggens (vocal lessons – Classical to Popular)

Bill Heslop (Painting)

Joan Gifford (Folk Guitar)

Hazel Humphreys (Comedy & Spoken word writing)

Val Mainwood (Piano)

Lyn Smith (Singing)

Sarah McCaskey (freelance dance teacher and performer) 

Nick Elwood BA (Hons) BA PGCE AmusLCM AmusVCM – Flute, trumpet, cornet, horn, piano and theory

Tim Whitnell (Folk Guitar)

Caroline Moiret  (courses in kiln formed glass – fusing and slumping for beginners and advanced)

With thanks to Elly Robinson from PRINTWORKS who helped by providing information on some of the artists:   Framing – Cutting Corners. Click here

The Wivenhoe Gallery –
Click here

The ‘Over the Sofa’ Gallery Click here

Fine Art printing, see Allan Snaith of UISART at Stable Studios, Park Farm, Colchester Road, Elmstead Market –

MUSIC – Axe Music in Wivenhoe High Street – Click here